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Our History

Discover the history of these places that have marked local history.


In the Hellmann family, the passion for hospitality has been passed on for 4 generations. Whether you take a bucolic break at the Hôtel à la Ferme or spend a good time at the table at the Aigle d'Or, you will immediately feel the love of good living cultivated in both places.


Knowledge handed down from generation to generation


A restaurant, a family, a passion.

It all began in the 1900s with Odile Ehrart who added a small catering business to the family farm. Her son Joseph and his wife Elisa assisted her, then their daughter Marie-Rose and Jules, her husband, developed the restaurant that welcomes you today.


During the post-war period, it was the women of our family who ran the restaurant and gave it the values that are still ours: good food, a warm place and, of course, the love of good hospitality.

It quickly became an important place for people living in and around Osthouse and we regularly celebrate birthdays, communions, weddings or host other family gatherings there. Today, we still welcome the descendants of these same families!

Our current chef Jean-Phillipe Hellmann, the son of Marie-Rose and Jules, learnt to cook from his grandmother Elisa, before embarking on a prestigious career, including some time at the Auberge de l'Ill.

The family farm and its transformation into a hotel


The family farm on Rue du Château in Osthouse will be getting a second wind. Brigitte and Jean-Philippe are transforming this former farm into a charming hotel: the Hotel à la Ferme is born!


The hotel is rapidly becoming a second pleasant place to live and receives visitors from Alsace as well as from abroad. Brigitte is responsible for the unique decoration of each room and gives the Hotel à la Ferme its traditional and welcoming charm over the years.

Famille Hellmann 8

Our history continues to write itself, always with the family

At the restaurant, Marie Rose welcomes guests and supervises the service. Jules at the bar helps to ensure a smooth service by dispensing drinks. He also cultivates the family garden which supplies the kitchen daily with seasonal fruit and vegetables.


Pierre and Anna, the fifth generation, remember participating in their parents' and grandparents' activities during their childhood. First at the bar and then in the kitchen, until the first plates were carried into the dining room. Pierre came alongside his family to continue the restaurant's history, as did his younger sister Anna and her husband Pietro, both of whom now work in the restaurant. Anna supports her mother and grandmother in the dining room and Pietro strengthens the kitchen brigade.


Today we are proud that three generations of Hellmann are all working together.

Undeniably, being immersed in this universe since I was a child has given me the family taste for hosting, welcoming and sharing.

Pierre Hellmann

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