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À l’Aigle d’Or

Discover an inventive and seasonal cuisine, in a neat and charming setting.


Take a seat at the table of Chef Jean-Philippe HellmannMaster Chef of France, for a cosy, intimate evening and a good meal À l'Aigle d'Or. Assisted by his son Pierre, who has just joined the team, he offers an inventive and colourful cuisine that will delight your taste buds as much as your eyes.

Regional dishes are also available in the adjoining Winstub.

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Where will you choose to eat?

The restaurant has 2 gastronomic themes with 2 different menus :


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The Alsatian Winstub

Traditions revisited

Regional dishes are offered in the Winstub, where you will also be served a dish of the day during the week.

Winstub menu

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Our gastronomic rooms

3 rooms full of character

Share a convivial moment in the main room, or even a more intimate meal in our small lounge (can be made private).
Most importantly: enjoy yourself!

Gastronomic menu





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Local and seasonal produce

Our passion for cooking starts with fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables grown in our own vegetable garden. Thus our menu lives with the seasons!

The wild game served to you at L'Aigle d'Or comes from our own hunting or from the nearby forests. Depending on the catches, the chef will also offer you delicious home-made terrines.

An authentic place

The large room with its refined furnishings is ideal for organising parties and receptions: baptisms, communions, birthdays, weddings...

The private lounges can accommodate from 8 to 60 people in a cosy, warm atmosphere.

Our Alsatian specialities.


At l'Aigle d'Or it is traditional to prepare the Pot-au-Feu on Saturdays.

Enjoy the broth served with its many marrow bones dumplings, then the beef with coarse salt, accompanied by various salads, sautee potatoes and horseradish cream.


We cook our own sauerkraut recipe on Wednesdays, every fortnight.   


"Tarte flambee" -thin bread base covered with creme fraiche, onion and bacon-  enthusiast are welcome on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! Our Winstub menu also offers other delicious dishes.

The Hellmann Chefs


Jean-Phillipe, the father

Jean-Phillipe learnt cooking as a child alongside his grandmothers who created the restaurant. Before taking up the torch and becoming the first "professional" in the family, he was trained by Paul and Marc Haeberlin. Once back in the kitchen, he was able to preserve the family heritage while adding a gastronomic touch to the menu.   


Pierre, his son

Pierre continues the family tradition alongside his father in the kitchen. Before joining the brigade, he made his mark in prestigious restaurants, notably at the Bristol with Éric Frechon, at the Auberge de l'Ill with Marc Haeberlin, and at the Cheval Blanc with Pascal Bastian


Savour Alsace




An institution among culinary guides since 1972, Gault&Millau offers its toques in the guise of stars to deserving culinary establishments throughout France. Their criteria include taste, quality, creativity and simplicity. The Hellmann chefs have it all!

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Master Chefs

The cuisine and hospitality of Hellmann's chefs are rewarded with this prestigious distinction. It is awarded to the greatest chefs who radiate the love and art of French cuisine.

logo club gastronomique Prosper Montagné


Club Prosper Montagné

"You can only do good with very good". This phrase by Prosper Montagné is the foundation of this association, which carefully selects its members to represent the best of the French catering industry.

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